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Company/Agency: Maryland Procurement Office, Fort Meade, MD

Description: This project installed a government furnished generator from a previous upgrade to its new location, where it replaced an existing 550kW generator. The project encountered differing site conditions in the ductbank excavation and required rerouting. It involved a critical support system to a secured, occupied facility, with high profile issues, and required continuity of service. Close coordination was required for scheduled outages, and communication involved two separate customers who shared the equipment and systems. Work required coordinated phasing, a critical crane lift, traffic control, and timely contract management.

Company/Agency: Maryland Procurement Office, Fort Meade, MD

Description: A 900kW diesel generator was replaced by a 2000kW generator to provide emergency backup power for life safety support service at two secure administrative buildings performing mission critical functions. There were a multitude of complexities: 26 RFIs, design changes to correct errors in calculations, a customer credit for reuse of existing exterior fixtures, and cost savings and efficiencies in the on site changes to the temporary equipment setup.

Company/Agency: University of Maryland College Park Campus

Description: This was a Design-Build project to upgrade an existing generator and emergency back-up power system for an educational institution. The entire project included engineering design reviews and approvals to meet the calculated load and the feature requirements for the station’s critical functions and equipment. The project included trenching, a duct bank, construction of 2 concert pads containing outdoor switchgear and generator, and a critical crane lift to remove the existing generator equipment. This new generator combined the load of five existing generators. During construction, a temporary power source was put in place. Coordination with the customer’s operations were critical during scheduled outage and transfer.

Company/Agency: Charles County Government building, La Plata MD

Description: Installed a new 600kW diesel generator to replace an existing 150KW to provide emergency backup power for life safety support service at the county governments building.

Company/Agency: NSA

Description: The Scope of Work for this project was the total replacement of existing Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) and Fire Alarm Terminal Cabinets {FATCs). Project work included complete demo of the existing initiating and activating devices for the entire building and configuring the system into 3 separate Fire Alarm Zones.

The Architectural Design created zones following Life Safe Code {NFPA 101} and included provisions for Fire rated walls and doors as well as Fire Extinguisher Cabinets.

Worked performed in occupied and highly secured spaces where escorts were required at all times. Work required 25 fire alarm outages and 25 sprinkler system outages to be performed. Required heavy coordination with commissioning of new system and de-commissioning of old system. New system installed had improved technology, and integration. Fire Alarm replacement covered three buildings, 800,000 sq. ft. in total. Differing site conditions were encountered (i.e. rooms existed that were not on the drawings}. Tested and commission new fire alarm system. Demo’d old system

The project was turned over for beneficial use in January 2018. Residual change orders remained to resolve scope issues related to the existing configuration and adjacent retail food service spaces that were not known to be included in the designated zones.

A concerted team effort was employed with the customer, A-E design firm and construction team to resolve non-compliant design and upgrade the entire fire alarm system to bring it up to code. Design drawings were prepared and submitted to reflect as-built conditions.

Company/Agency: University of Maryland

Description: This project was developed from a terminated design contract, requiring new engineering design, calculations, and a refined Scope of Work. The general extent of the project involved the removal of 5 existing generator of various sizes, and consolidating the configuration to a single 1250kW generator, serving an emergency load of 5 different buildings at the University of Maryland college campus.

Parallel switchgear was installed to shed load of existing generators and make the new equipment the primary generator. Work was performed during normal business hours in an occupied facility, along an existing loading dock. Traffic control, pedestrian safety, and environmental protection was part of the project plans.

The project required excavation, trenching site work to create a 67′ long concrete pad, 2′ high of stepped concrete for the new generator placement. There was approximately 170 feet of outdoor busway that would feed an existing pump switchboard. The work was integrated with the Maryland Network System – a high-profile UPS and communication system of critical power that needed to be maintained with minimal disruption during a weekend scheduled outage.

A new diesel fuel tank and fuel system was installed, including interstitial monitoring, controls, and alarm systems.

This project included scheduling consideration for the extensive lead time to order equipment, and required close monitoring of progress to keep to the schedule, account for weather factors, and coordinate scheduled outages during the project.

A crane was used to set the equipment, and a critical lift plan was developed and used during the installation. A Hazardous Energy Control plan was developed and followed during the installation and testing. Fall Protection and Trenching work were safely planned and performed without incident.

Favorable comments were received from the customer regarding organization and project management, and the team was provided with positive feedback on the outcome of the project.

Company/Agency: Hartford County Public School District

Description: The scope of work for the construction phase of the project involved replacement of existing transformers with 164 new, high-efficiency transformers (sizes ranging from 15-S00kVA) at various locations throughout the Harford County Public School District in Maryland. Prior to construction, a consultant conducted an inspection and survey of existing transformers to determine age, efficiency and need for replacement. Work involved 18 school buildings at various locations in the county, all of which were occupied during performance of work. Safety was a primary concern with school children and pedestrians present near the worksite. Outages for work were scheduled in coordination with occupants under the prime contractor. The project was modified when it was discovered that existing wiring for secondary transformer could not be used; grounding system needed to be upgraded and wiring needed to be replaced to be in compliance with National Electric Code.

Before work started, Cristian Ceballos, as Site Supervisor, made a presentation to the customer at the preconstruction meeting to educate them on the scope of work to be performed, the reasoning and resulting improved efficiency and how the process would be implemented. This presentation improved the customer’s confidence in the team’s capabilities and helped them to understand the why and how of the work.

The transformers installed for this project were supplied by Powersmiths at an equipment price of $1,257,538. Work was performed throughout multiple weather seasons and required work in extreme heat, precipitation and extreme cold temperatures.

Along with coordination issues, this project involved safety issues of working in confined spaces, electrical hazards and required that critical systems maintain a continuity of service. Workers performed during restricted hours with limited access, requiring constant communication and coordination with the customer to minimize impact of the work on the occupants.

At the conclusion of the work, the customer provided the team with a Letter of Appreciation for the successful outcome of the project.

Company/Agency: Caroline County Schools

Description: This project involved the replacement of 38 Transformers (between the sizes of 15-300kVA) at various buildings in the Caroline County Public Schools in Maryland. Powersmiths supplied the transformers for the installation at a new equipment total cost of $355,312. The company’s team worked as a subcontractor for Johnson Controls.

The existing transformers were located in various building structures – some were on rooftops, some were in interior utility closets and some were located in penthouses. Because of the rooftop and penthouse locations, there were critical lifts required to place the equipment at elevated heights.

Building were occupied during the work, though the most hazardous tasks were scheduled for when school was out and only adult staff was in the buildings. Fall protection and prevention plans and lockout-tagout procedures were followed for safety and work areas were barricaded for the safety of pedestrians and vehicle traffic around the school buildings. Conditions of extreme heat during the summer required extra precautions for workers exposed to sun and hot temperatures.

The Project Manager & Site Superintendent worked in close communication with the customer in scheduling the sequence of work and planning schedule outages with minimal impact on the building occupants and their activities. The critical tasks that were located at school locations where children circulate were successfully completed before the return of students at the start of the new school year.

Company/Agency: Montgomery County Public Schools

Description: The Scope of work for this project involved a 5 year series of multiple Design-Build electrical contracts for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. The engineering design, equipment specifications, configurations and drawings were reviewed at various stages until the final design was completed/approved.

Total equipment quantities over the 5 years consisted of 25 generators, 50 transformers and 100 electrical panel boards. Most were replacements but some were new additions. Many of the electrical systems and then components served critical missions and provided emergency backup power. The construction work was scheduled during the summer months when students were not in school, but the buildings were continuously occupied by educational, administrative and maintenance staff.

Barricades were used for protection of pedestrians and vehicles in the area. Some locations required site work, excavation and grading for concrete housekeeping pads.

Safety issues on the project included fall protection and prevention, hazardous energy control plans and lift plans for equipment installation. Exterior work faced hazards of heat rash, heat cramps, heat stress and heat stroke. The projects were all completed without a single safety incident.

Following each installation during scheduled and coordinated critical power outages, the new systems were started, tested and documented. Reports, equipment Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals and as-built drawings were prepared and submitted at closeout.

Ongoing contracts continue to be awarded by this and other school systems as the client has expressed a high level of satisfaction with the work performed.

Company/Agency: Repair Building 259 for Motorcycle Training Facility, Fort Belvoir, VA

Description: Design-Build project. converting existing outside pool and pool house into a classroom and riding course, with major sitework, complete interior demolition, new kitchen area, interior walls, doors, finishes, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

Company/Agency: Walter Reed National Military, Medical Center, Bethesda, MD

Description: Design-Build project to replace/install exterior lighting bases, poles, heads, and lamps as an energy savings project throughout an active federal medical installation.

Company/Agency: Fort George G. Meade, VA

Description: Design-Bid-Build project for electrical modifications to incorporate emergency lighting circuits, fixtures, panels, and fire alarm system modifications. 4 floors and basement of a building over 600,000 SF.

Company/Agency: Plastics Lab, Fort George G. Meade, VA

Description: Design-Bid-Build project to perform a complete renovation of an existing building space into a laboratory facility with a structural steel pan mezzanine, & stairway; HVAC, Elec., Plumbing, interior & exterior features.

Company/Agency: University of Maryland, Baltimore

Description: Multiple Parking Garage Lighting Upgrades & Additions, while occupied.

Company/Agency: City of Baltimore, Maryland

Description: Lighting Retrofit Project

Company/Agency: Bolling Air Force Base, Navy Yard, Washington, DC

Description: Medium Voltage Single Switchgear Section to Support; a couple years following replacement of a Multiple Row of Switchgear Sections

Company/Agency: Isadore Jachman National Guard Base, Owings Mills, Maryland

Description: Mechanical, Electrical, and Electrical Interior & Exterior Upgrades

Company/Agency: Fort Meade, Maryland

Description: Ground-Out Military Building

Company/Agency: Goddard Flight Center/NASA, Greenbelt, Maryland

Description: Replace Existing Fire Alarm Systems in 15 Buildings

Company/Agency: Maryland Public Television, Owings Mills, MD

Description: Furnish and Install 900Kw Emergency Generator

Location: Washington, DC

Description: Multiple Tenant Build Out and Reconfigurations

Location: Washington, DC

Description: Provide/Replace temporary Generator, Renovate the Cafeteria & other Facilities in Buildings 4 and 14

Location: Washington DC

Description: Mission Critical Chiller Replacement for the Secretary of Labor Office and Related Facilities.